Changing your doorbell button's appearance and functionality

Modified on Tue, 28 Nov 2023 at 02:21 PM

Only the owner of the unit has the ability to modify the setup of their doorbell. If you are not set as the owner, you can only modify the setup of your personal doorbell.

With the Defigo app, you have the ability to customize how your doorbell button looks and functions.

Here's how you can proceed to modify your doorbell button:

Under "layout" you have four options:

To edit the names on the doorbell/groups, you need to press the arrow ">" to the right of each option.


Displays only individual names.

The call will go to the person registered under the name.

Family Parallel

Displays a name of your choice.

All users registered in the unit will be called simultaneously.

Family Sequential

Displays a name of your choice.

Users registered in the unit will be called in a prioritized sequence that you determine.

We recommend keeping the time between calls to each person between 20 and 30 seconds due to

the system's connection time.

The on/off button next to each user controls whether they are called or not.

By pressing "Edit" to the right of the priority list, you can change the order of users in the sequential calling loop.

You can change the order by dragging users to the desired position using the  icon.

Once satisfied with the order, press "Done" followed by "Submit"

If a user has hidden their doorbell button from the call panel, they will not be called.

Family Grouped

Displays a name of your choice. When visitors press the selected name, the names of all individuals registered on this device will be shown, and the visitor can choose whom they want to call.

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